The Conversion Formula


Fundraising Terminology: Lead Gift

The Conversion Formula


Potential donors, or prospects, are everywhere. Yet, it takes effort to build a relationship with a prospect.  It also requires good timing to know when is the right moment to […]

Benchmarking And The Duality Of Fundraising


Fundraising is both science and art. Form and function. Reason and emotion. Practitioners of the fundraising discipline are cursed with a dual personality. They have the analytical mind of the […]

Fundraising Terminology: Lead Gift


The Lead Gift is a classification assigned to a gift secured through a capital campaign that is received at the beginning of the campaign and is equal to 10% or more of the […]

Leadership In Absentia – Raising Money With Your B Team


It’s the fundraiser’s nightmare scenario, the untenable situation, the extinction level event — you come to the realization that your organization’s leaders want nothing to do with fundraising.  Ouch.  That […]

The Transactional Relationship


Warning! Fundraisers beware of the transactional relationship! Fundraising professionals are experts in building relationships. Without a relationship to connect the individual to the non-profit organization and its mission, there is […]

Experts, Experts Everywhere!


These days, experts are everywhere. They’re working in the cubicle next to you.  They’re sitting across the table from you in a meeting.  They’re crowding around you in the elevator. […]

Starting From Scratch


At some point in their career, every fundraising professional must start from scratch. You could be recruited by a new charity to build a development program. You could be brought […]

Fundraising Terminology: Silent Phase


Silent Phase (also known as Quiet Phase or Startup Phase) The Silent Phase refers to the period in a capital campaign prior to the public announcement or launch of the […]

The Clockwork Doctrine


Fundraising professionals hold a unique and juxtaposed position within an organization. They are both visible and invisible.  The best fundraisers are rarely in the spotlight, but ever-present behind the scenes. […]

The Fifth Step


Every fundraising professional knows the four steps in the major gift cycle: identification, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship.  Successful major gift work includes an additional, yet essential, fifth step.  This fifth […]